A certified laboratory report, comprehensive brochure guide, on-line tools and additional expert support.

All of this is tailored to your individual DNA test result.

The results of your weight loss DNA test represent a life plan for losing and controlling your weight in a safe and sustainable way. Of course, the results by themselves will not achieve your goals, it will require commitment and dedication from you!

To help you do this, included in your results package are the following:

A comprehensive 20 page brochure guide.

The guide is exclusive to your diet and exercise DNA test result. It provides common sense advice and guidance on how to get the most out of the results of your Weight Loss DNA Test.

Access to on-line tools

On receiving your test results, you will have access to the on-line weight loss tools and further information. Again, the tools have been developed specifically for the results of your Weight Loss DNA Test and will provide you with the opportunity to monitor your progress.

Additional expert support

Crystal Health Group's certified Personal Trainers and Nutritional Therapists are on hand to provide you with detailed nutrition and exercise plans based on the results of your Weight Loss DNA Test. The advantage you will have is that any potential upfront guess work or trial and error has been taken away. Your DNA results will allow our experts to develop a plan that will work effectively all based on your own genetic makeup.

Our own Clinical Advisers here at Crystal Health Group have a detailed knowledge about the Weight Loss test. As more people have the test and we receive feedback about their progress, this information will be invaluable to others. All future advice and any tips we have will be shared through our tips of the week and the on-line tools section.