The Weight Loss DNA Test analyses the genes involved in

  •  Your body’s biological response to different forms of EXERCISE.
  •  Your ability to break down FATS and CARBOHYDRATES. 

Individuals respond differently to certain types of  diet and exercise. This is because the genes involved in weight loss can be found in different forms. We can not change our genes but we can alter our diet and exercise to mimic the way our bodies work.

What will the Weight Loss DNA Test tell you?

It will identify which variation of the tested genes you carry in your DNA and tell you which type of diet and exercise this corresponds to.

Based on your genetic assessment, our scientists will determine:

  • the type(s) of food you can effectively metabolise and can therefore include safely as part of a diet.
  • the types of food the you cannot efficiently metabolise i.e. the types of food that will result in weight gain.
  • whether your body is more likely to respond to low, moderate or vigorous exercise when trying to lose weight.