Answers to the most frequently asked questions

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The following answers are provided to answer any questions you may have before making your decision to purchase the Weight Loss DNA Test.

What is the Weight Loss DNA Test?

A laboratory test that sequences your DNA and test 5 genetic variations with 4 genes that are known to effect an individuals predisposition and response to diet and exercise.

What will the test tell me?

The results of the test will provide you with a genetic diet and exercise identity. By providing this information, you as an individual are empowered with the knowledge of how your body best responds to different forms of diet and exercise. Remember, this test provides information on both diet and exercise.

How reliable are the Weight Loss DNA Test results and what research is available?

Crystal Health Group have provided a 'Science behind the Weight Loss Test' document available for download that provides detailed answers to this question.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the Weight Loss DNA Test for 1 individual is £173.99. To purchase a kit, a £34.99 deposit is required with the balance of £139 due on return of your DNA samples. Crystal Health Group currently have an exclusive family offer in place. A family of four can purchase 4 tests for just £500, a saving of £196.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. As with all of our other DNA testing services, Crystal Health Group are completely transparent on costs. For £173.99 or any other current special offers, you will receive a Weight Loss DNA Test kit, laboratory analysis of your DNA samples, laboratory report, 20 page brochure guide and access to on-line tools. The only service you will have to pay for additionally is if you choose to use a certified Nutritional Therapist or Personal Trainer. The cost for this is between you and the organisation/individual providing this service.

If you are ordering a kit from outside the UK or Ireland, a postage charge will be applied depending on your location.

How can I order the Weight Loss DNA Test?

The kit can be ordered in the following ways:

How long does it take?

All kits are dispatched by first class Royal Mail. Once in receipt of your samples at Crystal Health Group in Manchester, your results will be available within 2 weeks. All results are posted by first class Royal Mail, please allow 2-3 days for delivery.

How are my DNA samples collected?

The Weight Loss DNA kit contains 2 sterile mouth swabs and full instructions on self collection. There is also a video on YouTube showing how easy it is to use the mouth swabs.

What is Crystal Health Group's refund policy?

Crystal Health Group's refund policy is available for download

What is Crystal Health Group's privacy policy?

Crystal Health Group's privacy policy is available for download