As part of Crystal Health Group's commitment to post DNA testing support, we provide the following services to help you with your weight management goals.

Certified Personal Trainers and Nutritional Therapists

If you want to take your weight loss plan even further, you can search our online database to find Personal Trainers and Nutritional Therapist in your area.

Each of the professionals listed on our database have been educated on the weight loss DNA test. Each one has been assessed and certified by Crystal Health Group to ensure that they fully understand how the weight loss DNA test works and what the different results mean to the individual tested. 

The professional will combine this knowledge with their own expertise to generate your unique weight loss programs.

Online DNA test specific weight loss tools

Once you receive your test report, you will have access to our online weight loss tools to help you make the most of your results.

The tools provide a comprehensive way to monitor your progress and provide advice and guidance. Over time, this area of the site will be developed so any suggestions you have will be most welcome!