The Weight Loss DNA Test reveals the type of Diet and Exercise that your body will respond best too - based on your DNA. For the first time, lose more weight with a Sustainable plan matched to your genetics.

Discover the right percentage of carbohydrates, fat and protein for your body, and the type of exercise that your body needs to lose and control a healthy weight safely and efficiently.

The Science behind the test

Access to the technical data and clinical studies undertaken to support the efficacy of the weight loss DNA test.

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Additional Support & Services

Access to online tools and a network of fully assessed and certified physical trainers and nutritional therapists.

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Order a DNA kit

The Weight Loss DNA Test kit is available to purchase from selected pharmacies or by calling 0800 032 5945 >

Speak to an Advisor

Need more information about the Weight Loss DNA Test? Call 0800 032 5945 to speak to an Advisor.

The Weight Loss DNA Test
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